Our story




Set to launch in the middle of July, Café Scoops is an exciting, new ice cream outlet situated on 23 Castle Street, Strabane. We look forward to providing a unique, fun experience for all ages while simultaneously providing a throwback/reminder to the great love of ice cream rooted in Strabane’s heritage.


Focusing on using natural dairy products, Café Scoops prides itself on being locally sourced, from the milk from the cows, as well as for their inspiration. With a background of growing up in Knockroe farms, this inspiration was inevitable. (Story about growing up on farm).  By opening up Café Scoops, it serves as a rejuvenation of sorts for the farm, giving it a new lease of life and allowing it to become valuable for a newer generation like never before.


It's what's on the inside that counts

Despite having success with businesses in the past, there always felt like there was something missing; a certain passion and love for what was being sold that could not be ignored. And this is where ice cream came in. It was the perfect combination of something they grew up loving and something they knew the customers would love as well. (Story about getting ice cream when younger).   


Upon deciding that ice cream was what they had to sell, Café Scoops owners did not hesitate to find the best machinery and ingredients available, immediately travelling to Italy to acquire state of the art equipment and learn how to make ice cream from the finest Artisan gelaterias in the area. This only furthered their passion for the treat even further, and served as inspiration for the authentic, high quality ice cream Café Scoop would sell. The owner of Café Scoop also embarked on a one year training course at an Agricultural College to ensure the business would be run to the highest professional standards and therefore customers would have the best service experience possible.

Café Scoop